List of dissemination actions

NO. Dissemination activity and contribution Date Location Download
1 Conference
Indo-European Dialogue on ICT standards and emerging technologies

Invited presentation
Energy efficiency management and environmental impact assessment for ICTs

Speaker(s): Beniamino Gorini (ETSI TC-EE chairman)
New Delhi, India No file
2 Workshop
ETSI Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment and Energy Efficiency

Local Organizer (A. Zafeiropoulos), supporters and program committee members

Speaker(s): Raffaele Bolla, Anastasios Zafeiropoulos
07/10/2013 Athens (GR) No file
3 Presentation
ETSI Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment and Energy Efficiency

Selected speech
ETSI/EE-0030 - Green Abstraction Layer (GAL)

Speaker(s): Raffaele Bolla
08/10/2013 Athens( GR) Download
4 Presentation
22nd ITC Specialists Seminar on Energy Efficient and Green Networking (SSEEGN 2013), in conjunction with the Australasian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (ATNAC 2013) -

Panel discussion -
"Enablers and Roadblocks for Green Networking" - Convenor: Prof. Marco Ajmone Marsan (Politecnico di Torino, Italy) - Panelists: Prof. Franco Davoli (University of Genova); Dr. Kerry Hinton (University of Melbourne); Dr. Andrew Riddell (Allied Telesis, New Zealand); Mickey Vucic (Alcatel-Lucent, Australia)

Speaker(s): Franco Davoli
21/11/2013 Christchurch, New Zealand Download
5 Presentation
22nd ITC Specialists Seminar on Energy Efficient and Green Networking (SSEEGN 2013), in conjunction with the Australasian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (ATNAC 2013) -

Invited Keynote Speech -
Green Networking and Network Programmability: a Paradigm for the Future Internet?

Speaker(s): Franco Davoli
20/11/2013 Christchurch, New Zealand Download
6 Workshop
24th Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications (TIWDC 2013) - Green ICT ( -

Scientific and logistic organisation of the Workshop
Workshop leadership and organisation of an ECONET session

Speaker(s): General Co-Chairs: Franco Davoli (University of Genoa, Italy), Phuoc Tran-Gia (University of Wuerzburg, Germany) - Program Co-Chairs: Raffaele Bolla (University of Genoa, Italy), Trinh Anh Tuan (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Genoa, Italy No file
7 Conference
Telecoms Energy Efficiency Forum (

International Activities Towards Energy Efficiency

Speaker(s): Gianluca Griffa
Prague, Czech Republic No file
8 Conference
Future networks and Mobile Summit (FUNEMS 2013)

live demostration of the Network Connectivity Proxy (NCP) prototype

Speaker(s): M. Giribaldi
Lisbon, Portugal No file
9 Other
Home Gateway Initiative (HGI - General Meeting

live demostration of the NCP prototype

Speaker(s): R. Bolla, M. Giribaldi, R. Khan and M. Repetto
Turin, Italy No file
10 Conference
IEEE Online Conference on Green Communications (IEEE Online GreenComm'13)

Smart Proxying: Reducing Energy Waste in Network Devices During Idle Periods

Speaker(s): R. Bolla, M. Giribaldi, R. Khan and M. Repetto
Online No file
11 Exhibition
SECURE 2013 Conference

Energy-aware multi-level control system for a network of Linux software routers

Speaker(s): Michal Karpowicz, Piotr Arabas
Warsaw Download
12 Presentation
International Teletraffic Congress 2013 (ITC 25)

Panel Discussion at ITC 25 - Organizers: Raffaele Bolla, Franco Davoli
Energy efficiency, network performance and users' Quality of Experience in a scalable Future Internet -

Speaker(s): Moderator: Franco Davoli
12/09/2013 Shanghai, China No file
13 Presentation
KSTiT 2013 Krajowe Sympozjum Telekomunikacji i Teleinformatyki

An energy-aware multi-level control system for a network of Linux software routers

Speaker(s): Michał Karpowicz, Piotr Arabas, Mariusz Kamola, Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz
Gdansk, Poland Download
14 Presentation
Future Internet & Mobile Summit

Presentation in Workshop 10a: "Future wired and Wireless Networks: Green, Heterogeneous and Cloud-Powered"
Energy Efficiency in Next-Generation Datacenter Networks

Speaker(s): F. Davoli
04/07/2013 Lisbon, Portugal No public download
15 Presentation
Seminar at ISTI-CNR -

Invited Talk
Energy Efficient Networking

Speaker(s): F. Davoli
28/06/2013 Pisa, Italy No file
16 Presentation
Industry & Business Panel P9 - "Collaborative Programs in Green Communications: Successful Cases and Key Remaining Research Challenges" at IEEE International Conference on Communications 2013 (ICC 2013)

Invited Panel Presentation
Energy Efficient Networking: The ECONET Project (low Energy COnsumption NETworks) -

Speaker(s): Franco Davoli
12/06/2013 Budapest, Hungary Download
17 Publication
Energy Consumption and Power Saving potentiality in ICT: the experience in Telecom Italia


Speaker(s): Diego Suino (Local organizer: Alfio Lombardo)
10/05/2013 University of Catania No public download
18 Workshop
NASK Seminar

Energy-efficient CPU service rate control mechanisms for the Linux kernel (in Polish: Energooszczędne mechanizmy sterowania szybkością CPU dla jądra systemu Linux)

Speaker(s): Michal Karpowicz
23/01/2013 Warsaw, Poland No public download
19 Conference
On formulation of a network energy saving optimization problem

The Fourth International Conference on Communications and Electronics ICCE2012

Speaker(s): P. Arabas, K. Malinowski, A. Sikora
Hue, Vietnam Download
20 Presentation
The Second IFIP Conference on Sustainable Internet and ICT for Sustainability (SustainIT 2012)

Panel presentation
The low Energy COnsumption NETworks(ECONET) Project -

Speaker(s): F. Davoli
Pisa, Italy Download
21 Other
Lectures in the ICE ERASMUS MUNDUS PhD Program

Green Networking

Speaker(s): Prof. Raffaele Bolla
University of Genoa, Italy No file
22 Conference
1 st IEEE Online Green Communications Conference (GreenCom 2011)

Invited Keynote
Enabling Fixed Network Energy Efficiency Optimization Through Dynamic Adaptation-Research Challenges and European Project Efforts

Speaker(s): Raffaele Bolla
online Download
23 Conference
The 4th International Conference on Communications and Electronics (ICCE 2012)

Organization of a Special Session on "Energy Efficient Networking"
Session on "Energy Efficient Networking" -

Speaker(s): Session Organizers: R. Bolla and F. Davoli; 2 ECONET paper presentations (F. Davoli, P. Arabas), session chairing
02/08/2012 Hue, Vietnam No file
24 Conference
The 4th International Conference on Communications and Electronics (ICCE 2012)

4-hour Tutorial
Green Networking: A Tutorial -

Speaker(s): Franco Davoli
02/08/2012 Hue, Vietnam Download
25 Presentation
Round table discussion on "Metrics for End-to-End Energy Efficiency", within the Meeting of the COST Action IC0804 (Energy efficiency in large scale distributed systems)

Invited presentation
Connection-wise energy efficiency: measuring power consumption of TCP and of nodes along the path -

Speaker(s): Franco Davoli
08/05/2012 Madrid, Spain No file
26 Conference
ITU Green Standards Week 2012

Poster exhibition
ECONET presentation

Speaker(s): Prof. Raffaele Bolla
Paris, France No file
27 Presentation
Industry Forum of the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'12), 2012

Future Home Gateway Services for Next Generation Home Networks

Speaker(s): Lorenzo Di Gregorio
12/06/2012 Ottawa No public download
28 Conference
Eighth Euro-NF Conference on Next Generation Internet (NGI 2012)

Invited Keynote
Energy Efficiency in the Present and Future Internet: An Evolutionary Approach

Speaker(s): Prof. Franco Davoli
Karlskrona, Sweden Download
29 Workshop
1st ETSI workshop on Energy Efficiency

Energy COnsumption NETworks (ECONET): Smart power management for fixed network devices

Speaker(s): Massimo Enrico (Ericsson)
22/06/2012 Genoa, Italy Download
30 Workshop
1st ETSI workshop on Energy Efficiency

Workshop supported by ECONET (including technical committee participation, session chairing and final panel participation)
EE Research Projects (session chaired)

Speaker(s): Prof. Raffaele Bolla
Genoa, Italy No file
31 Presentation
ETNO (European Telecommunications Network Operators) meeting

Invited Speech
Research activities at the TNT LAB: the project ECONET

Speaker(s): Prof. Raffaele Bolla
18/06/2012 Genoa, Italy No file
32 Conference
Future Network and Mobile Summit 2012. Session 8d: Scalable Architectures for the Real World Internet

Power Control and Management in the NetFPGA Gigabit Router

Speaker(s): Diego Reforgiato
05/07/2012 Berlin, Germany No public download
33 Conference
Future Network & Mobile Summit 2012 - Workshop on Fostering Programmability of Wireless Networks

Invited talk
ECONET - Network programmability for green networking

Speaker(s): R. Bruschi
06/07/2012 Berlin, Germany No file
34 Conference
Future Network & Mobile Summit 2012 - Workshop on Green Communications and Networks

Invited talk
A Smart Proxy Architecture for Power Consumption Reduction in the Home Environment

Speaker(s): R. Bruschi
04/07/2012 Berlin, Germany No file
35 Conference
2012 International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS)

Green Technologies for Smarter Next-Generation Wire-line Networks -

Speaker(s): R. Bruschi
11/07/2012 Genoa, Italy No file
36 Workshop
GTTI 2012

Modeling Temperature and Dissipation Behavior of an Open Multi-Frequency Green Router

Speaker(s): Giovanni Schembra
Villasimius (CA) No public download
37 Conference
European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ECMS 2012)

Control Framework for High Performance Energy Aware Backbone Network

Speaker(s): Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz E., Sikora A., Arabas P., Kołodziej J
Koblenz, Germany Download
38 Other
Lectures of the Course on "Architectures and Applications for TLC Networks" in the Telecommunications Engineering Curriculum at the University of Genoa

Lectures on Green Networking

Speaker(s): F. Davoli, R. Bruschi
Genoa, Italy No file
39 Presentation
Seminar at the University of Catania

Green Networking: the frontier of the Internet and telecommunications beyond the crisis

Speaker(s): R. Bruschi
10/05/2012 Catania, Italy No public download
40 Conference
The 31st Annual IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM 2012)

Invited panel on "Green Communications and Computing"
Energy-Efficiency in Next Generation Wire-line Networks

Speaker(s): R. Bruschi
28/03/2012 Orlando, FL, USA No file
41 Presentation
Seminar at the University of Maryland

Green Networking

Speaker(s): Diego Reforgiato
01/12/2011 Maryland, USA No public download
42 Other

Lectures of the Course COSC 473 at the University of Canterbury (18 hours)
"Green Networking"

Speaker(s): F. Davoli
Christchurch, New Zealand No public download
43 Presentation
Green ICT in Italy: Networks, Cloud and Power Grid

Invited presentation
Enabling fixed network energy efficiency optimization through dynamic power management – The ECONET approach -

Speaker(s): R. Bolla, F. Davoli
01/12/2011 Milan, Italy Download
44 Presentation
IEEE NZ ComSoc Chapter invited talk

Green future Internet and green energy: a profitable liaison

Speaker(s): F. Davoli
01/08/2011 Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand Download
45 Presentation
Seminar at the University of Canterbury

Green Networking Technologies for a Sustainable Future Internet

Speaker(s): F. Davoli
05/08/2011 Christchurch, New Zealand Download
46 Other
The Rince Institute Research Day

Presentation to DCU researchers of the ECONET project

Speaker(s): M. Collier
01/10/2011 Dublin, Ireland No file
47 Other
Xilinx Research Day

Poster and flyers of ECONET activities

Speaker(s): M. Collier
28/01/2011 Dublin, Ireland No file
48 Other
Green Touch Meeting

Online presentation of the ECONET project to the Core Optical Network and Transmission (CONT) Working Group of the Green Touch Consortium

Speaker(s): F. Davoli
Seattle, WA, USA Download
49 Other
STRONGEST Project Meeting

Presentation of the ECONET Project

Speaker(s): R. Bruschi
18/10/2011 Pisa, Italy No file
50 Workshop
4th Future Internet Cluster Workshop on ICT and Sustainability

ECOnet: Low Energy Consumption Networks

Speaker(s): R. Bolla
16/05/2011 Budapest, Hungary No file
51 Presentation
Seminar at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa

Energy Efficiency in the Future Internet: Current Status and Trends

Speaker(s): R. Bolla, R. Bruschi
25/03/2011 Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy No file
52 Other
Green Networking and correlated activities

ECONET cross presentations and possible cooperation within COST804

Speaker(s): R. Bolla, F. Davoli
University of Wurzburg, Germany No file
53 Conference
25 th IEEE Annual Computer Communications Workshop (CCW 2011)

Invited Panel - Energy Efficient Networking: The Views of Leaders of International Research Projects
Energy Efficient Networking:The ECONET Project (low Energy COnsumption NETworks)

Speaker(s): F. Davoli
Hyannis, Cape Cod. MA, Usa Download
54 Conference
13th Italian National Conference of Photonic Technologies (FOTONICA 2011)

ECONET's overview and goals

Speaker(s): R. Bolla
Genoa, Italy No file
55 Conference
12th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR 2011)

Green Technologies for Smarter Next-Generation Wire-line Networks

Speaker(s): R. Bruschi
03/07/2011 Cartagena, Spain No file
56 Conference
IEEE 19th Annual Symposium on Hot Interconnects

invited speech
Paving the road to Exascale

Speaker(s): E. Zahavi
25/08/2011 Santa Clara, USA No file
57 Workshop
ITU Green Standard Week - Workshop on "Moving to a green Economy through ICT standards"

Invited speech
ECONET: low Energy COnsumption NETworks

Speaker(s): R. Bolla
Rome, Italy No file
58 Workshop
IEEE NZ Wireless Workshop

Invited presentation
Green Networking in Wired and Wireless Networks - Bridging the gap

Speaker(s): F. Davoli
26/08/2011 Christchurch, New Zealand Download
59 Conference
1st International Workshop on Sustainable Internet and Internet for Sustainability (SustaInet 2011), in conjunction with 12th International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM 2011)

Invited speech
Green Networking Technologies for a Sustainable Future Internet

Speaker(s): F. Davoli
20/06/2011 Lucca, Italy Download
60 Conference
IEEE 73rd Vehicular Technology Conference - Workshop on Cognitive radio and Cooperative Strategies for POWER saving (C2POWER)

Invited panel
Energy Efficiency in Future Telecommunications: Technical Issues, Standardization Activities and Business Requirements

Speaker(s): R. Bolla
Budapest, Hungary No file
61 Presentation
Seminar at NASK

ECONET the 7-th FP project - project objectives

Speaker(s): M. Kamola
01/10/2010 Warsaw, Poland No file
62 Presentation
Seminar at Warsaw University of Technology

ECONET: low Energy Consumption NETworks - project presentation

Speaker(s): E. Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz
01/11/2010 Warsaw, Poland No file
63 Conference
Australasian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conf. (ATNAC 2010)

Invited keynote
Energy Efficiency in the future Internet: Current Status and Trends

Speaker(s): F. Davoli
03/11/2010 Auckland, New Zealand Download
Private area
  • GAL definitely approved as ETSI standard
  • Memberhip voting phase and publication of the GAL standardization
  • ETSI EE Technical Board (TB) approval for GAL standardization
  • ECOnet contributed with the official code of conduct on energy consumption of broadband equipment version 5.0