List of Project deliverables

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D1.1 - Project coordination and collaboration tools

D2.1 - End-user requirements, technology specifications and benchmarking methodologies

D2.2 - Test plant evaluation criteria and representative test case

D3.1 - First design of green technology for network device data plane

D3.3 - Final Design of Green Technology for Network Device Data Plane

D3.3 - Annex I

D3.3 - Internal Report 1

D3.3 - Internal Report 2

D3.3 - Internal Report 3

D3.3 - Internal Report 4

D3.3 - Internal Report 5

D3.3 - Internal Report 6

D3.3 - Internal Report 7

D3.3 - Internal Report 8

D3.4 - Final Prototypes with Energy Aware Capabilities

D3.5 - Design of Energy Measurement Technologies

D4.1 - Definition of energy-aware states

D4.2 - Definition of Internal Standard Interfaces

D4.3 - Abstraction Layer Final Definition

D4.4 - Abstract Layer Prototypic Implementation

D5.1 - Preliminary Definition of Green Strategies at the Control Plane

D5.2 - Software Implementation of the Optimization Procedures

D5.3 - Green Strategies at the Control Plane

D5.3 - Annex I

D5.3 - Annex II

D5.4 - Software Implementation of the Distributed Monitoring and Optimization Procedure

D5.5 - Protocol Extensions
D5.5 - Annex I

D6.2 - Final Integration of Device Prototypes with Energy Aware Capabilities and Local Optimization

D6.3 - Validation and Benchmarking of Single Devices
D6.4 - Large-scale Validation and Benchmarking of Network of Powerconservative Systems
D6.5 - Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation Results
D6.5 - Annex I
D6.5 - Annex II

D7.1 - ECONET communication strategy

D7.3 - First ECONET Information Dissemination Plan

D7.4 - ECONET outline exploitation plan

D7.5 - Second ECONET Information Dissemination Plan
D7.6 - ECONET Standardization
D7.7 - Third ECONET Information Dissemination Plan

D7.8 - ECONET Exploitation Plan

Private area
  • GAL definitely approved as ETSI standard
  • Memberhip voting phase and publication of the GAL standardization
  • ETSI EE Technical Board (TB) approval for GAL standardization
  • ECOnet contributed with the official code of conduct on energy consumption of broadband equipment version 5.0